Wednesday, January 23, 2008

For Things To Change........


2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004,.......2000. Will 2008, for you, bring more power and joy to your life then recent years. Do you remember your New Years resolution in 2004? How's that workin' for you? And as multiple 365 days "slide show" by, are the weeks and months remarkably similar those prior. What is it that keeps us cemented to the Status Quo?

Most profess the want and need to propel our lives to new heights. What is it which grounds flight shortly after our wheels leave the runway? Frankly, you won't find an "ANSWER" here. My desire is to tweak your thinking process and instill a desire deep within you to increase your "ACTIONS" in the direction of your dreams.

As you can see by the pictures to the left I choose to associate with persons who have a desire to make a difference in peoples lives. I, CW have the same desire. I've been reading and listening to all the motivational and personal development Guru's since the spring of 1970. And most influential of all publications, the Bible, has provided me with guidance. Where the thoughts and feelings of my educators end and CW's begin is incredibly fogged. Consequently most of what will be in my blogs will be a combination of the thoughts and musings of the all these great minds and CW's experiences and brain farts.

Just months ago and for the years preceding when asked; "CW, why is it you want to take to the stage. What is it you want to accomplish in your writing and your presentations?" And I would offer with passion and conviction; "I want to change lives." And truly believed if I was able to form the correct phrases and scribe them in just the right sequence or deliver them with enough passion and power; I, CW, could in fact change an individuals life.

As stated earlier I devour CD's, videos and books on personal development. And whenever possible I see my mentors live. And these most recent two years I've had the privilege of live and some individual guidance.

Recently driving to Toronto from Baltimore to see some friends a Jim Rohn Weekend CD was tickling my ear. An icon in the industry, Dennis Waitley was the speaker. He was recalling a conversation with a hero of his, Reverend Billy Graham. Mr. Graham asked Dennis; "How many lives have you changed Dennis? Well, Mr. Waitley replied; "as I heard you say a while ago. One, I've only changed one life, my own. I can have thousands of people come down from the stands and profess change. What they do when they go home I have no control. I give them the best information I am able. They can only change their selves".

"For things to change, first I must change". A mantra Jim Rohn has been preaching for thirty years. The operative word is "I". The individual. We've all heard Einstein's enlightening quote; "Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results; that's the meaning of insanity."Change! Moving from what has been comfortable, going from being content to challenging ones self will be the focus of the paragraphs appearing here. Are you interested in stepping into the place where change is possible. Change which could bring success and failure is possible. Life is not a spectator sport. No one will get out alive. You can die in the stands, or you can die on the field. YOU CHOOSE !!!!!!!!!