Monday, April 21, 2008

Be THANKFUL Now !!!!!!!

Viet Nam 1968
As a child I was always grateful that I had a loving family. A family that supported me in every way. We didn't have any money, quite frankly I never realized that fact. I was taught I lived in a great country and we had it much better then most people in the world.
In 1968 I served in the Army in South Viet Nam, 358 days, but whose counting? In the 40 years since, it's rare a week goes by that I don't thank God for my shower. One hour after getting home from Viet Nam and going to a hotel with my wife, I spent 90 minuets in the shower and bath. Something that was hard to come by over there. I'm thankful for my family here within arms reach, and the choice of food to eat. I'm thankful to live in a country, though not perfect, is the best place to live in the world. A place where I have the opportunity to reach for any dream I desire. It's the only country I know of where people risk death and family separation to get here.
If you were born in this country or have the privilege of becoming a citizen, you have already won one of the biggest lotteries in life. Where ever you are at this moment and whatever the circumstance, be thankful, because
you have it in your power to make tomorrow better.

Mr. Rohn;

Is thankfulness a survival skill? Perhaps most of you would respond with, "No, Jim, thankfulness is not key to survival", and I would tend to agree with you. Most of us have probably already solved the necessary problems of survival, gone beyond that and are now working to achieve our desires. But let me give you this key phrase, "Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want." I believe one of the greatest and perhaps one of the simplest lessons in life we can learn is to be thankful for what we have already received and accomplished.
Both the years and the experiences have brought me here to where I stand today, but it is the thankfulness that opened the windows of opportunities, of blessings, of unique experiences to flow my way. My gratitude starts with my parents who raised me, gave me an incredible foundation that has lasted me all of these years and continues with the mentors that I've met along the way who absolutely changed and revolutionized my life, my income, my bank account, my future. I am also very thankful for the people, the associations, for the ideas, for the chance to work and labor, and to produce results, all of that has brought me to this place, to this weekend. I'm grateful for it all.
What a unique opportunity each one of you here has, so many of us; representing different countries, nations and cultures, to appreciate the uniqueness of our own experiences that has brought us all here, together, for these three days to learn new skills and sharpen old ones. For the countries we represent; we have freedom and liberty. These are extraordinary times, about eleven years ago the walls came tumbling down, in Germany, and it started a wave of democracy and freedom like the world has never seen before. We as a country and as a world have so much to be thankful for. Always start with thanksgiving; be thankful for what you already have and see the miracles that come from this one simple act.
Now thankfulness is just the beginning; next, you've got to challenge yourself to produce. Produce more ideas than you need for yourself so you can share and give your ideas away. That is called fruitfulness and abundance. Here's what I think fruitfulness and abundance mean - to go to work on producing more than you need for yourself so you can begin blessing others, blessing your nation and blessing your enterprise. Once abundance starts to come, once someone becomes incredibly productive, it's amazing what the numbers turn out to be. But to begin this incredible process of blessing, it often starts with the act of thanksgiving and gratitude, being thankful for what you already have and for what you've already done. Begin the act of thanksgiving today and watch the miracles flow your way.

To Your Success,
Jim Rohn

Keep Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar in your prayers,
both are facing health hurdles.