Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preface to "Fabulous At 50 And Byond

Preface to, "Fabulous At 50 And Beyond"

Unlike the preface to most books you read this is written as I’m about seventy five pages into this work. The effort to write this THING is sometimes enormous and sometimes it comes so fast my fingers can’t keep up. I’m sure you’ve heard the term writers block; writing this preface is in part to move me past seven or eight days of not one syllable making it to the page.

You, the reader, are no different than I; and hence the reason for the preface. The following pages are about what is possible in your life or anyone’s life should they make a series of decisions to move from the status quo, the rat race, ordinary life or whatever adjective one uses to describe an individual’s day to day activity that is going nowhere or is not satisfying when the day ends.

The bottom line, it’s not easy. This book, whether a monetary success or not, will change my life. My mentors and friends tell me this and in my heart and mind I know it’s true. Yet it is still very hard to get my mind and fingers going most of the time. Why?

It’s different. It’s different from anything I’ve ever done in sixty years. I’m not used to it. I don’t want to because it’s hard. As humans we, like electricity, seek the path of least resistance. We want to do what’s easy for us to do, what takes little or no effort. It’s easier to continuously check emails, to look at the stock market, to all of sudden have an urgency to organize the work area.

If it was easy everyone would do it, a trite statement but so true. My book is about possibilities. Anything is possible for me. Anything is possible for you. It may not come true but it is possible. And as long as we know that we know that we know of the possibilities there is hope. With hope and possibilities comes work. Opportunity usually has work clothes on. And I also know if it was easy the satisfaction in the end would be minimal.

So as you begin with the first page I’ll be off to somewhere in the middle. This is a dream of mine for at least thirty five years and if anyone other than me is reading this it’s come true. I hope you gain insight into you. My desire is to give you confidence to “DO Something because Something Will Work”.

If not I would like it to help you understand those of your friends or family that you have observed over the years; the ones who seem to be thrusting at wind mills; the ones who have started forty projects never to finish one before starting another; the dreamers, the believers. They and I have one thing in common, we always have a smile on our face and a skip in our step because we know that one day; yes one day we will live our dream.

My life is and has been a perpetual adventure!