Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup part 1
It's no surprise that many blogs and articles written today have a motivating and/or uplifting theme. Many authors of said messages speak infront of groups of all sorts and many have concerns that they don't have a consistant core message that they can fall back on when put into an adlib situation where they are asked to present without much notice.
Alphabet Soup presentations are the answer. This is the first of four messages that comprise my Soup message. In Part 4 you will find the key to having the ability to have your message on the tip of your tounge at any given moment with the ability to shrink or expand it to fit any time frame.
Soup Part 1


Resolutions rarely work. Why? Without change, no change will come. Most resolutions tend to rely on will-power and most of our wills don’t have any power. Jim Rohn says; “For things to change, first I must change”. Begin to PLAN and do those activities which move you toward your dreams and desires and remove those that sabotage. The wisdom of the world is Free and accessible today on the internet and in Libraries. Turn off the TV; read books, listen to CD’s and yes maybe even go to seminars. Change is a decision we make and act on; act today.

Don’t wait, change now. When you have an idea act on it NOW; write it down, you will not remember it in the morning. When opportunity is in sight go for it; opportunity sprouts before us all but few are willing to take the leap. My friend Les Brown says; “Leap, grow wings on the way down!” Fear of failure? Fail Forward Fast; Ready, Fire, Aim. Mistakes are only opportunities for course correction and frankly we learn much more from failure than we do success. Another friend, Giovanna Garcia, has created an entire movement entitled “Imperfect Action”. Her site is a great place to start: ; it’s Urgent, start now!


I have five sports coats; two of them are my favorite ones to ware. Why? These two coats can be thrown in the back seat of the car and worn for hours on end, yet at the end of the day they still look fresh and ironed; in a word they are resilient. Until this writing I’ve never thought of a single word that would describe my life, the word is resilient. Over fifty jobs, started eight business’, four marriages, Vietnam, and surviving seven major car accidents; resilient is an excellent description. Life happens to us all or as many say today “SHIT happens”. Get over it and get on with it, be resilient and your sleep will be blissful.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Fabulous At 50 And Beyond"

"Fabulous At 50 And Beyond"

There are 3 kinds of people

Risk taker
Care taker

Kim Clement

Risk Takers; these are the pioneers of life
Care takers; the nay sayers who say to the Risk Takers it can’t be done
Under takers; the walking dead who are not yet in the ground

Interpretations by “CW”

We are going to spend the remainder of our life in the future. No matter our age, the future is where we reside. To be Fabulous At 50 And Beyond, it’s the beyond on which I’d like to concentrate. If you’re 22 yrs old; it’s the years beyond your 22nd year that should to be your focus. Focusing on the future (goals or even better, plans) is what will pull you through the hard present circumstances that occur on your journey.

A journey is rarely a straight continuous route to your destination. The road gets flooded (a tragic death), rock slides (job loss) happen and detours need to be constructed. Detours are not stops. Detours are paths that need to be taken only to go around or through obstacles that pop up along the way. Commit to the journey with the knowledge that Life Happens, and I will not be stopped till the destination is reached.


How do you eat an elephant; one bite at a time? A journey begins with the first step. Something needs to change in our lives to move us from what we have been to where we desire to go. Jim Rohn states; “For things to change, first I must change.” Sounds so simple “CW” how do I start; action; the first bite, the first step? In this journey your initial action is exiting your old thinking.
Exodus; when the Israelites’ needed to change they needed to leave the old life behind and venture out to a new land. The old life was not a good life but the human condition is such that we sometimes choose to stand in squalor because at least we know what to expect when we rise in the morning. Change for the better may be good but it’s still very scary. The care takers and undertakers only see that life could get worse if they venture from the known into the unknown; so they remain in the wash of others who continue to control their life. The Israelites’ exited the old life and followed Moses’, not always comfortably; Moses’ led them to the Promised Land.

God said;”I know Moses’ and “CW” is no Moses’. Ok, Ok, I’m not Moses’. Remember the part about risk taking; there is a risk in following “CW” out of the mundane and into your personal Promised Land. Exodus the land of sameness year after year; remove yourself from the care takers and the undertakers. See yourself at the top of the museum steps, fists punching the sky in victory; you are the Rocky of your life. Give me permission to lead you in your exodus from the old into your Promised Land. And when the journey is at its end and the last liter of air leaves your body, a subtle smile forms on your lips as you say; “That was a frickn’ blast, thank you God”.

Our destination, by definition, lies in the beyond, the future. Fabulous At 50 And Beyond isn’t about age, it’s about preparing one’s self for the journey, the trip to a land where you’re capable of things that may now be unthinkable to you. Follow me into that calm place where all is possible. With a confidence gained by action you will accumulate knowledge and wealth so during the trip you gain the ability to give and support individuals, communities, cities and countries beyond your wildest imagination.


Monday, January 25, 2010

"What's Missing?"

"What's Missing?"

I was just on hold on the telephone and they had a country music station on for hold music.

I'm really not a country music kind of guy, but country get's down to the real things in life except I don't have a pick-up truck or a dog, I digress.

The song "Live like you were dying" played; as I listened to the words I got a bit choked up because I realized for the past three years I have lived like there may be no tomorrow.

What's missing in your life today?

Click on the below. The song and the words at the same time. Listen once and then listen a second time and click on the pause button every time a phrase touches your heart, and a few will.

Tomorrow isn't promised to you or me. Who do you need to call? Who do you need to say I Love you to? Who's day would brighten 1000 times if you walked through their door?

In His Power and Grace;

Friday, January 22, 2010

"For a Fast Life.....Fast"

"For a Fast Life.....Fast"
I live a fast life. My calendar is filled to the max. If I'm not active or in the midst of a decision to invest or build I feel I'm not being productive. I'm in the midst of writing a book and when I take some time to watch a movie or some other activity which my mind is telling me is trivial, I feel anxious.
At sixty years of age I feel good, look younger than most my age and I'm in great physical shape. All of those things are true because for the majority of my life I didn't think and feel like I described above. I worked hard when I worked and I relaxed and enjoyed the day or evening when at home. I've been preaching "For things to change, first I must change". Being anxious when I'm relaxing is not healthy. It's WRONG thinking. I was listening to a preacher (in the background; one must multi task) and he was talking about fasting.
Fasting; to go without, to give up or sacrifice, to abstain from food.
I'm stealing from Pastor Gregory Dicklow. What I described in the opening is clearly WRONG thinking. I'm going to Fast from WRONG THINKING. I going to pay attention, I'm going to analyze my thoughts more closely. Not only anxious thoughts; I'm going to watch negative thoughts and angry thoughts and any type of thinking that's not conducive to my well being all the well being of those around me.
Please join me in this FAST FROM WRONG THINKING for thirty days. Read positive books, poems and affirmations. When a WRONG thought trespasses, correct the mind. Say to yourself, "That's not like me, I don't think or talk that way." If someone cuts you off in traffic use Jim Rohn's method; "Now isn't that fascinating."
I'm more relaxed already.
I add value to peoples lives.
I am confident and charismatic.
I am important.
I have important work to do.
I was sent here for a reason.
I fulfill my mission.
I live my vision.
I make a difference.
I create every moment of my life.
I am true to my own heart.
My word is law.
I don't take anything personally.
I approve of myself now.
Now that's what I talkin' about. Join me for the fast, 30 days, lets do it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"The American Dream is Dead?"

The American dream is dead?

Living for the French dream; I’m living for the Italian dream; when we were growing up my parents were living the Mexican dream. We have all heard these stories, right. Of course not, what we do hear when they interview individuals of all ethnicities around the globe who want more for themselves and for their families; they want the American dream. Those of us who have had the good fortune to be born in the US have already won one of life’s big lotteries.

All around this globe at this very moment millions upon millions of people are dreaming of the day they that they can make their way to this country, our country. Why is that? They know once they arrive in the United States of America they have the opportunity to become or to do or to create whatever they can imagine. It is there for them if they just work for it. They know in America, specifically the United States of America, the sky’s the limit. If I can get to the US and work as hard as I do in my country, in America I can become rich.

The American dream isn’t dead, although the American Dreamer may be. Growing up in a land where you have all the necessities of life it becomes quite easy not to see the opportunities right before our eyes. Ever since the sixties and the anti government and anti war movements it has become common place to dump on this country. We are barraged daily by media pundits who cry that we, the US, are the world’s largest problem. The fact is, in the history of the planet there has never been a country which has and continues to invest its bounty and blood for the betterment of all. When calamity happens, who do they call; it’s not Ghost busters.

If you are less than fifty years of age you have been barraged with many negative if not hostile views of our country; even more so if you have received an education in a large metropolitan public school education. Most of what is taught as American History is the human foibles of the founding fathers. The reality that they gambled with their lives and their fortunes to create the only Republic of its kind in human history is deleted from the conversation. Yet the so called modern day hero’s of our times are honored because they have “Good Intentions” and what they do in their personal lives has nothing to do with their character.

This is not a perfect country or government by any stretch of the imagination. I just ask you to do one thing in your life. Spend a minimum of six weeks living in another country. Not a vacation, though it could be; and not in a resort area. Pick anywhere; Paris, London, Hong Kong, Berlin; choose anyplace that appears, through the window of the TV screen, to be just like the US. If you have grown up in the US, upon returning ninety percent of us will kiss the earth when our feet finally stands on sovereign US ground. “Toto, there is no place like home.”

Dream, think, and imagine what is possible. Each one of us lives in a land where if you think you can, you can. The opposite holds true also; if you think you can’t, you’re one hundred percent correct. The American Dream is alive and well for those who want to change the way they live. Anything is possible!

What Is Possible; Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn is a mentor of mine. I am constantly reading and listening to his books and CD’s and I even have a presentation on tape from the 80’s I watch on my VCR several times a year. His message is always the same, and like any masterpiece it never grows old. A few years ago he recorded a CD, Smooth Mix, which excerpts of Mr. Rohn’s presentations with musical back ground. There are sixteen tracts on sixteen subjects;

Imagine the possibilities, turning nothing into something.

The first step is to imagine, imagine the possibilities.
One of the reasons for sermons and the lyrics from songs and testimonials of others is to give us the idea of the possibilities, imagine the possibilities.

Here’s the second step.
The second step is to believe what you imagine is possible for you. We become supported by others testimonials that say; “If I can do it, you can do it.” And we start believing. They tell us,“If it was possible for me than it’s possible for you.” First we imagine the possibilities; second we start to believe what’s possible is possible for us. We might also believe because of our own testimonial.

This is what we might say;”If I did it once, I can do it again. If it happened for me before it can very well happen for me again.” So we not only believe because of other testimonials that say;”If I can do it you can do it, if I can change you can change, if I can start with nothing than you can start with nothing, if I can turn it all around you can turn it all around.” Than we also have the support of our own testimonial;”If I did it once I can do it again. If we did it last year we can do it this year.”

So those two things are very powerful. Now they’re not actual substance though they’re very close. One is to imagine the possibilities, two is to imagine what is possible is possible for you.

Jim Rohn

“It’s Possible”
Les Brown

“My brother from another mother” is what Les said about me in Columbus, Ohio in 2007. A mentor and friend Les does an entire program entitled “It’s Possible”.
Some excerpts;
“If you don’t program yourself life will program you.”

“History is being read but it’s also being written by people with imagination.”

“There are winners and there are losers and there are those who just have never learned how to win. Ones who need just a little insight, a little more information, a little Push.”

“Look at a dream or goal you have. I don’t want you to say, “I can do it”, because deep down you may not believe it. But what you can say with certainty and belief is to say with conviction,
“It’s Possible”.
Say it again and again,
“It’s Possible.”
“It’s Possible.”

My brother from another mother, Les Brown

“What you have done so far in your life is what you
have believed is Possible for you. You have achieved what you have believed
is Possible for you.”

“I want you to operate out of your imagination not your memory.”

“If someone has made their dream to become a reality then it’s POSSIBLE for my
dream to become a reality.”

“Are you using Eyesight or Mind-sight, imagination is Mind-sight!”


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who Influences You The Most?

Who Influences You The Most?
First an update 3 days into Fast from Stinkin' Thinkin';
I am much more conscious of my thoughts.
Example; we had our lawn aerated and seeded a little over two weeks ago. There was a lot of thatch pulled up and was laying on top of the good grass. I called the contractor and inquired as to whether it was OK to leave it. He said it would help hold in the moisture and help the new seed and not to cut the lawn for two to three weeks; I like professionals who tell me not to cut the grass.
Wednesday, two weeks and two days, I cut my grass. it looked good except for where the thatch layed on the lawn. Immediately the little voice in my head started; "My guy's an idiot; he has no clue about my lawn; I know this is going to turn into a hassle when I call him; blah blah blah, blah, blah".
Then I made a decision to start a different internal dialog as I cut my grass. "The guys a professional, how was he supposed to know we'd get four inches of rain in two days; I'll call him when I finish and he'll take care of the problem; he's done good work all year, he'll treat me right". The first result from the change of thought was I was in a better mood as I finished the lawn. The second was when I called my guy I stated my point calmly and asked if he would stop by and make recommendations. Marilyn called me in the middle of the day on Thursday and said the lawn guys were here raking up all the thatch.
Shrinkin' Stinkin' Thinkin' success.
“I’ve seen many troubles in my time, only half of which ever came true."
Mark Twain
Who Influences You The Most?
This is actually a thread to help in the fast. When thinking of influence it is WORDS, whether written or spoken, that influence. And spoken words from an individual we deem important tends to have more sway with us than others. Words can work miracles; words can also destroy!
I influence me more than anyone else; you influence you. When we speak we also hear and in anything we hear we judge. In speaking critical, demeaning words, subconsciously I'm telling myself I'm a critical, demeaning person. When speaking pleasant, uplifting and positive words and phrases I'm supporting the view of myself that says I'm an individual that helps others and encourages them to do better.
In the last two years I've become very conscious of the times when it's necessary to correct or discipline or even criticize someone. I'm not always successful but I try to adhere to first saying something positive; second to deliver the critique and to finish on a positive supportive note. Words mean things and it's extremely important to choose carefully; ie: instead of "You're stupid", "You're a real asset to the organization; but that was a stupid thing you did and that's really not like you".
Thoughts; Positive thoughts lead to...
Feelings: Positive feelings lead to...
Actions; Positive actions and positive words lead to...
Results; Incredible benefiting results.
I will speak only words which are pure and
good and edifying to the hearer.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

'Unkept Promises"

  • Are there unkept promises you've made to yourself? Is there a thing gnawing on the inside of you? A voice which nags and you keeping shouting over it, not now, I'll do it later. Or the most feeble of excuses; I'm not capable, nobody in my family has ever done it, everyone will laugh at me. This thing you know you were meant to do but have yet to even start? This promise you made in your youth and thought you put it behind you but it just won't let you be. I have great friggin news for you. Starting right at this moment you are on your way.

    "If You Continue To Think Like You've Always Thought,You'll Continue To Get What You've Always Got"

    I suggest, no I command you to surround yourself with people that will hold you accountable to do that thing. If you are the smartest person in the top five people you hang with, find and create another group. Seek out likeminded people. When you finally gather your confidence to boldly speak your dreams to the world you must have a staunch group of men and women who will come along side and even get behind and push when needed.

    The only reason these words are appearing before me on my laptop is because I have chosen to surround myself with likeminded unfulfilled men and women who have decided to "Go For It". We have spilled our guts out to each other, we have made ourselves vulnerable so in the days, weeks, months and years ahead not only will we have the voice in our heads, we'll have many voices prompting and exclaiming, "You can do it!", "If it was easy everybody would be doing it.", "With god all things are possible.", "This is your time.", "If Not you then who?".

    These accountability partners; fifteen are from my family we've named "Sylver's Billionaire Alliance" because becoming wealthy is our goal. I have an extended family all over the world who I've promised I would do a great work. I have mentors; Jim Rohn, Marshall Sylver, T Harv Eker, Les Brown, Bob Allen and others who I promised I would take what they have taught me and use it for good; to build schools and hospitals here and around the world. To bring the message that anything is possible for ANYONE who'll make the decision to take control of your life and DO SOMETHING!

    I call them family because the ultimate goal of real family is to motivate, praise and to expect great accomplishments while at the same time holding them accountable for that which they say they will do. And thirty six months, ago this family I love today, I didn't know a single one. I sought them out. Not individually but I traveled to events where I know there will be others who have decided there is much to do. Go where people are walking down out of the stands and onto the playing field to become players and reject the role of spectator.

    We are unique as individuals. There has never been and will never be another who walks and talks and thinks exactly as you. You are rare and there is extreme value in rarity. God doesn’t make junk. You are here for a reason and it’s not to watch TV, go on vacations, drive cool cars or live in a golf course community. All though they are all great rewards for doing well, they should not be the goal. In the end they will not satisfy.

  • CW

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tension Relieving


I'm a procrastinator. I usually delay projects to the last minute.

I have a ten minute presentation tomorrow evening and needed to

work on it all week end.

The British Open was on the tube most of the morning. I cut the

grass and performed many "BUSY" tasks all day.

A very profound lady said on a teaching program this week;

"Our actions are either "Tension Relieving" or "Goal Achieving".

WOW!!!!!!!! In the middle of cutting the grass today that

statement slapped me up a long side of my head. Here I am,

doing the worst activity I can think of and yet it was a way to

relieve the tension of having to prepare for my presentation.

After all the grass must be cut, and what better time then now.

I'm a motivated guy and yet I'm am so easily distracted from

activities which are much more beneficial to my future because

of the comfort factor. She also said; "Successful people are

committed to results, unsuccessful people are committed to comfort."

Learning every day!!!!!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Vase

Life and writing about it is an adventure. Writing this unique type of book is even more fun because there is little that happens that doesn’t fit. I’m writing and watching/listening to the Georgia vs. LSU football game.

As I finished editing my road trip e-mail I glanced over at our vase on the coffee table. A vase I bought for Marilyn on my last day of the road trip; it always makes me smile when I see it. It was an incredible experience at the time. It took me months after the fact to tell anyone but Marilyn because I felt it was self serving. Now I believe the story has the possibility of inspiring others.

I had been away for over two weeks; I was about six hours away from home and had yet to purchase a gift for my lovely wife. I know many men; I don’t know very many who could go off on a two week adventure alone without catching a bunch of grief from the lady of the house. Marilyn is so very, very, very good to me.

I was winding through the mountains of southern West Virginia, it was so incredibly beautiful and the convertible enhanced the ride tenfold. I spotted a sign for a West Virginia crafts pavilion where I could purchase something appropriate for Marilyn.

The circular pavilion sat high on a hill top and is a modern structure. Every vendor and store in the building were local craftsman and artists. The place had an incredible atmosphere with an open air court yard in the center.

Most of what was available was kind of country style oriented and the wife is anything but country. As I wondered around I spied a glass-blower with an extensive gallery of glass on display. Marilyn had recently become infatuated with varieties of vases, so I looked for a piece that was really different from what we had at the house. It was difficult to choose, the guys work was all so beautifully crafted.

Amazingly there were a few with both humming birds and Iris flower designs on them; Marilyn’s favorite bird and favorite flower. There were varied sizes and designs. As I was choosing which one to purchase an elderly lady and her middle aged daughter came a long side of me looking at the vases.

The daughter picked one humming bird vases up and her mom was ouhhing and ahhing about how beautiful they were and how wonderful it would be to have it in her home. The daughter suggested she get the vase but mom said; “I can buy a pair of shoes and a dress for what that cost.” They returned the vase to the shelf and went on their way.

I choose the one that I liked for Marilyn and started for the counter. I passed the one the two ladies were looking at and smiled remembering their conversation. I grabbed the second vase and took both to the counter. The counter person asked if they were gifts and asked if I would like them wrapped; separately I requested and in individual bags.

I circled the entire building looking for mom and her daughter. I thought they had left the building and was thinking about how happy Marilyn would be with the two vases; one chosen by her husband and one by a stranger from West Virginia. I started for my car. Just before I reached an exit I saw mom and her daughter looking through some linens.

I approached them and said something about the linens they were eyeing. I asked; “Wasn’t it you two who were looking at the humming bird vases back at the glass blower?” The older lady smiled the biggest smile and went on and on about how wonderful delicate looking they were and how she loved humming birds. I handed her the bag and said; “Here you’re supposed to have this.” She looked at me quizzically and then looked at her daughter. She very slowly opened the bag, and as I walked quickly away I looked back and they were both staring into the bag with their mouths hanging wide open. I will never forget the glorious look on their faces.

As I hit the parking lot I was crying and skip jumping and laughing; people were looking at me like I was a crazy man; I was, I was crazy happy. I felt like the Long Ranger (“Who was that masked man?”), Santa Clause and the tooth fairy all rolled into one.

The rest of my ride home I was singing, crying and laughing. Each time I remember I can see the looks on their faces and their expressions I begin to smile and many times, like now, tears of happiness appear in my eyes. It was absolutely the most invigorating way to end the trip. I recommend it to anyone.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Get In The Game?

We’ve all said it or heard it at one time or another, come on “Get In The Game”. In the context of this narrative we mean the Game of Life. The bottom line every reader here is already in the game; but most sit in the stands watching not really considering the rules of the game. The reality; there are no rules and it’s your game you are the team.

It’s your game and you are the;

Creator of the team
General Manager
Offensive Coach
Defensive Coach
Time keeper

The aspects of the game in which we have some or little control are when the game started; the initial few periods are when we had forced outside coaches and game controllers (parents/guardians). Once we fire the coaches we control the game till the dirt nap arrives.

It’s time to look around the field, check out if it’s time to play offence or defense. Is it the beginning, middle or is the clock ticking down. Am I in control of my team, if not who is? And if I’m not in control of the game; why and what needs to be done to gain control (there’s always time for a big come back).

Some advice, if there is an unauthorized controller of your game, leave them in control for the short term. Formulate your entire future game plan; verify it’s ready to implement, and then fire their butt.

Be sure you surround yourself with cheer leaders and likeminded players. The cool part is you can hire as many team members as you like; and if they are rewarded correctly, many will join your team for life.

Half time, second period, seventh inning stretch, it’s the back nine, the second set; however you envision your game, it’s now time to take control:

“Get In Your Game”.