Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's Not What You Don't Know


As I was driving in "Automobile University" (Coined by Zig Ziglar) today I was

listening to a fascinating lady. Her name is Artemis and she teaches the business

of network marketing. The name of the series is "Educating Your Expectations".

I've listened to the 8 disc set a number of times and recommend it to anyone in any

phase of growth in any business. Her concepts are timeless.

This is about one specific statement she made which I replayed several times.

"It's not what you don't know that holds you back; it's what you think you know
that isn't so."

Maybe it's just me but that really hit home. The more successful I become I think I really

know more than I actually do know. Consequently I don't try to correct my own

thinking to replace it with better ideas. This brings me to another thought I heard

recently, regretfully I don't remember who to credit.

"Think about this; It is your BEST thinking that has got you where you are today.
Whatever you've accomplished to this point in your life, it is a product of your
very, very, very BEST thinking."

So for those of us who want to move forward to improve ourselves, our finances, our

communities and our environments,