Monday, January 26, 2009

"Gift Wrapped"

How are you at waiting to open gifts? Before Christmas (insert your holiday here) or your birthday if there was a gift wrapped for you before the big day, is there a desire to know what is in the package? The anticipation of good to come is always exciting.

When I was young we would visit my Aunt Yvonne every summer or she would visit us. It was always a great time in the family. Aunt Yvonne didn't have children of her own and treated me very special. And each year before the visit ended she would always give me my Christmas gift, beautifully wrapped and with a tag saying; "Do Not Open Before Christmas". And so for about five months I would visit the package on the shelf in the closet, wondering and imagining what great things awaited me on Christmas day.

On the day you were born you were this beautiful wondrous package delivered to the world. Whether or not you were greatly loved at the time of birth or an unwelcome visitor you were delivered as a gift to everyone here on this planet. No one born before nor anyone who would come after you would have your fingerprints, your voice or your creative abilities. You are a beautifully wrapped package presented to the world, a gift if you will, unique to all others.
Gifts are to be unwrapped. Some are unwrapped slowly and methodically so as not to destroy the ribbon and paper; and then, with gentle care open the box to reveal the treasure. The "funnest" way is to tear into the package with paper and ribbon flying and then jumping in joy at the contents unveiled.
There is even uniqueness in the opening of the gifts.
You are a gift to me. You are a gift to your family, your friends and to the world. Gifts are to be opened and appreciated. A gift has no value to anyone, no matter the beauty of the wrapping, if the gift stays wrapped.

If you must you can start slowly and methodically to unwrap your gift for us. Unlock that which is hidden from the world and show us this great treasure we have been waiting so long to enjoy. Preferably, jump down from the closet shelf with paper and ribbon flying, with friends and family laughing and jumping for joy as the great surprise that you are has become visible for all the world to see and enjoy. Whatever the method used it's important to us that the gift you have hidden inside becomes the benefit to the world God designed it to be.
We great anticipation, we anxiously await!