Saturday, February 6, 2010

Alpabet Soup

Alphabet Soup part 3

What is your big why? Your why; is the specific reason, dream or goal of your life. Your why is your drive, it’s the reason your two feet hit the floor in the morning. Think for a moment; “Why am I doing what I’m doing?” Your why should be so large, so huge that it becomes the magnet which pulls you through the tough times, the down times that we know will always come; it is your motivation to keep on keeping on. The most successful “Why’s” are the ones that benefit those other than yourself.


One of biggest fallacies of our times is we can accomplish great things without great effort. Today it’s very popular to name it and claim it; or if we just put it out “To The Universe” and believe it enough we can have whatever we desire. Ancient script tells us; “Faith without works is nothing”. It’s heard all the time about successful individuals; “Boy are they lucky.” Luck is opportunity in work clothes. Effort takes many forms; research, asking for help and getting advice, making a schedule, setting goals, creating a business plan and taking care of yourself mentally and physically are all part and parcel of concentrated effort. A plan with concentrated effort behind it; you will become extremely lucky.


Taking massive action on an idea is the fuel that drives the idea. To be candid, this is one of my personal foibles. Many times it’s a fear of failure or what others may think that stops us. Many of us want to be sure the business or project is going to be one hundred percent before we go for it. Even my own history tells me getting started and moving towards the goal is the most critical action. “Fail Forward Fast” or “Ready Fire Aim” are two phrases to engrave in our consciousness. It’s easier to correct course while in motion then when standing still. When a rocket is on its way to the moon it is only on course about five percent of time. It’s constantly correcting course. Take action and take massive action now.


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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi CW .. I like the W - Why - you've described it just the way it should be .. especially the reason my two feet hit the floor in the morning .. & 'why am I doing what I'm doing?' .. I must remember those words.

E for Effort is so well expressed too .. especially your many forms - advice, ask for help, research & plan etc ...

A for Action .. & I like your ideas for action .. so often if we don't progress .. we then start going backwards & have many areas to go over again .. not helpful for a successful busness

Thanks for the post .. I look forward to part 4 ..