Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Fabulous At 50 And Beyond"

"Fabulous At 50 And Beyond"

There are 3 kinds of people

Risk taker
Care taker

Kim Clement

Risk Takers; these are the pioneers of life
Care takers; the nay sayers who say to the Risk Takers it can’t be done
Under takers; the walking dead who are not yet in the ground

Interpretations by “CW”

We are going to spend the remainder of our life in the future. No matter our age, the future is where we reside. To be Fabulous At 50 And Beyond, it’s the beyond on which I’d like to concentrate. If you’re 22 yrs old; it’s the years beyond your 22nd year that should to be your focus. Focusing on the future (goals or even better, plans) is what will pull you through the hard present circumstances that occur on your journey.

A journey is rarely a straight continuous route to your destination. The road gets flooded (a tragic death), rock slides (job loss) happen and detours need to be constructed. Detours are not stops. Detours are paths that need to be taken only to go around or through obstacles that pop up along the way. Commit to the journey with the knowledge that Life Happens, and I will not be stopped till the destination is reached.


How do you eat an elephant; one bite at a time? A journey begins with the first step. Something needs to change in our lives to move us from what we have been to where we desire to go. Jim Rohn states; “For things to change, first I must change.” Sounds so simple “CW” how do I start; action; the first bite, the first step? In this journey your initial action is exiting your old thinking.
Exodus; when the Israelites’ needed to change they needed to leave the old life behind and venture out to a new land. The old life was not a good life but the human condition is such that we sometimes choose to stand in squalor because at least we know what to expect when we rise in the morning. Change for the better may be good but it’s still very scary. The care takers and undertakers only see that life could get worse if they venture from the known into the unknown; so they remain in the wash of others who continue to control their life. The Israelites’ exited the old life and followed Moses’, not always comfortably; Moses’ led them to the Promised Land.

God said;”I know Moses’ and “CW” is no Moses’. Ok, Ok, I’m not Moses’. Remember the part about risk taking; there is a risk in following “CW” out of the mundane and into your personal Promised Land. Exodus the land of sameness year after year; remove yourself from the care takers and the undertakers. See yourself at the top of the museum steps, fists punching the sky in victory; you are the Rocky of your life. Give me permission to lead you in your exodus from the old into your Promised Land. And when the journey is at its end and the last liter of air leaves your body, a subtle smile forms on your lips as you say; “That was a frickn’ blast, thank you God”.

Our destination, by definition, lies in the beyond, the future. Fabulous At 50 And Beyond isn’t about age, it’s about preparing one’s self for the journey, the trip to a land where you’re capable of things that may now be unthinkable to you. Follow me into that calm place where all is possible. With a confidence gained by action you will accumulate knowledge and wealth so during the trip you gain the ability to give and support individuals, communities, cities and countries beyond your wildest imagination.


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