Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup part 1
It's no surprise that many blogs and articles written today have a motivating and/or uplifting theme. Many authors of said messages speak infront of groups of all sorts and many have concerns that they don't have a consistant core message that they can fall back on when put into an adlib situation where they are asked to present without much notice.
Alphabet Soup presentations are the answer. This is the first of four messages that comprise my Soup message. In Part 4 you will find the key to having the ability to have your message on the tip of your tounge at any given moment with the ability to shrink or expand it to fit any time frame.
Soup Part 1


Resolutions rarely work. Why? Without change, no change will come. Most resolutions tend to rely on will-power and most of our wills don’t have any power. Jim Rohn says; “For things to change, first I must change”. Begin to PLAN and do those activities which move you toward your dreams and desires and remove those that sabotage. The wisdom of the world is Free and accessible today on the internet and in Libraries. Turn off the TV; read books, listen to CD’s and yes maybe even go to seminars. Change is a decision we make and act on; act today.

Don’t wait, change now. When you have an idea act on it NOW; write it down, you will not remember it in the morning. When opportunity is in sight go for it; opportunity sprouts before us all but few are willing to take the leap. My friend Les Brown says; “Leap, grow wings on the way down!” Fear of failure? Fail Forward Fast; Ready, Fire, Aim. Mistakes are only opportunities for course correction and frankly we learn much more from failure than we do success. Another friend, Giovanna Garcia, has created an entire movement entitled “Imperfect Action”. Her site is a great place to start: ; it’s Urgent, start now!


I have five sports coats; two of them are my favorite ones to ware. Why? These two coats can be thrown in the back seat of the car and worn for hours on end, yet at the end of the day they still look fresh and ironed; in a word they are resilient. Until this writing I’ve never thought of a single word that would describe my life, the word is resilient. Over fifty jobs, started eight business’, four marriages, Vietnam, and surviving seven major car accidents; resilient is an excellent description. Life happens to us all or as many say today “SHIT happens”. Get over it and get on with it, be resilient and your sleep will be blissful.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi CW - you've lived!!

I like your three points so far .. and will take on board what you're saying ..

& I agree with you .. the Imperfect Action site is great ..