Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who Influences You The Most?

Who Influences You The Most?
First an update 3 days into Fast from Stinkin' Thinkin';
I am much more conscious of my thoughts.
Example; we had our lawn aerated and seeded a little over two weeks ago. There was a lot of thatch pulled up and was laying on top of the good grass. I called the contractor and inquired as to whether it was OK to leave it. He said it would help hold in the moisture and help the new seed and not to cut the lawn for two to three weeks; I like professionals who tell me not to cut the grass.
Wednesday, two weeks and two days, I cut my grass. it looked good except for where the thatch layed on the lawn. Immediately the little voice in my head started; "My guy's an idiot; he has no clue about my lawn; I know this is going to turn into a hassle when I call him; blah blah blah, blah, blah".
Then I made a decision to start a different internal dialog as I cut my grass. "The guys a professional, how was he supposed to know we'd get four inches of rain in two days; I'll call him when I finish and he'll take care of the problem; he's done good work all year, he'll treat me right". The first result from the change of thought was I was in a better mood as I finished the lawn. The second was when I called my guy I stated my point calmly and asked if he would stop by and make recommendations. Marilyn called me in the middle of the day on Thursday and said the lawn guys were here raking up all the thatch.
Shrinkin' Stinkin' Thinkin' success.
“I’ve seen many troubles in my time, only half of which ever came true."
Mark Twain
Who Influences You The Most?
This is actually a thread to help in the fast. When thinking of influence it is WORDS, whether written or spoken, that influence. And spoken words from an individual we deem important tends to have more sway with us than others. Words can work miracles; words can also destroy!
I influence me more than anyone else; you influence you. When we speak we also hear and in anything we hear we judge. In speaking critical, demeaning words, subconsciously I'm telling myself I'm a critical, demeaning person. When speaking pleasant, uplifting and positive words and phrases I'm supporting the view of myself that says I'm an individual that helps others and encourages them to do better.
In the last two years I've become very conscious of the times when it's necessary to correct or discipline or even criticize someone. I'm not always successful but I try to adhere to first saying something positive; second to deliver the critique and to finish on a positive supportive note. Words mean things and it's extremely important to choose carefully; ie: instead of "You're stupid", "You're a real asset to the organization; but that was a stupid thing you did and that's really not like you".
Thoughts; Positive thoughts lead to...
Feelings: Positive feelings lead to...
Actions; Positive actions and positive words lead to...
Results; Incredible benefiting results.
I will speak only words which are pure and
good and edifying to the hearer.


Giovanna Garcia said...

Hello CW

I love you site. Such wonderful messages. When someone live well, getting older only meant they have done more good stuff :-) I would say my heart infulences me the most.

I enjoy your work, keep doing it.
Giovanna Garcia

Ovid Diaconescu said...

TFAR works for me... and you look good indeed! What you're eating? (lol)

learn to earn 14 said...

Thank you for the reminder of the best way to treat yourself. Thank you for the great blog that you have.

learn to earn 14 said...

Thank you for the nice coments that you have made on my blog. I do hope that you will come back again soon.

JosephDiego said...

Wow, Brother! Powerful message. Great blog. Your an Inspiration. Wonderful attitude of gratitude, power of postive thoughts and actions. I do intend on staying in touch. Peace, Love, Health, Happiness and Massive Success...JosephDiego

Shaw said...

Very inspiring article. i heard about a story about a business person who found his car's oil leaking in the morning. First he thought he is very unlucky on that day. Then, he started to think he was lucky to find the leak before he started to drive. 180 degree opposite conclusion and feeling. Good friend of mine told me "You control your word before you say it. You are salve to your words after you say it." I love your article.