Friday, January 22, 2010

"For a Fast Life.....Fast"

"For a Fast Life.....Fast"
I live a fast life. My calendar is filled to the max. If I'm not active or in the midst of a decision to invest or build I feel I'm not being productive. I'm in the midst of writing a book and when I take some time to watch a movie or some other activity which my mind is telling me is trivial, I feel anxious.
At sixty years of age I feel good, look younger than most my age and I'm in great physical shape. All of those things are true because for the majority of my life I didn't think and feel like I described above. I worked hard when I worked and I relaxed and enjoyed the day or evening when at home. I've been preaching "For things to change, first I must change". Being anxious when I'm relaxing is not healthy. It's WRONG thinking. I was listening to a preacher (in the background; one must multi task) and he was talking about fasting.
Fasting; to go without, to give up or sacrifice, to abstain from food.
I'm stealing from Pastor Gregory Dicklow. What I described in the opening is clearly WRONG thinking. I'm going to Fast from WRONG THINKING. I going to pay attention, I'm going to analyze my thoughts more closely. Not only anxious thoughts; I'm going to watch negative thoughts and angry thoughts and any type of thinking that's not conducive to my well being all the well being of those around me.
Please join me in this FAST FROM WRONG THINKING for thirty days. Read positive books, poems and affirmations. When a WRONG thought trespasses, correct the mind. Say to yourself, "That's not like me, I don't think or talk that way." If someone cuts you off in traffic use Jim Rohn's method; "Now isn't that fascinating."
I'm more relaxed already.
I add value to peoples lives.
I am confident and charismatic.
I am important.
I have important work to do.
I was sent here for a reason.
I fulfill my mission.
I live my vision.
I make a difference.
I create every moment of my life.
I am true to my own heart.
My word is law.
I don't take anything personally.
I approve of myself now.
Now that's what I talkin' about. Join me for the fast, 30 days, lets do it.


jacques said...

You are right on ! Great inspirational stuff. I have been reading and listening to CD's for years.

We constantly need to feed our minds and spirits.

Great insights. Thanks


Hugo and Roxanne T. said...

Hi CW...
"Fast from Wrong Thinking" We love the way you put that!! Life is definitely more Beautiful, Amazing and Wonderous when we change the way we think. You begin to see the sunny side of every situation and become grateful for all you have before you. We look forward to your incredible achievement in 30 days.

Many Blessings....Hugo & Roxanne